Levi's Bucket List

                Back in August of last year I wrote a blog about my dog, Levi, (Unconditional Inevitability) and the fact that he was aging.  I wrote it to show that I knew the end was approaching, no one lives forever.  I also wrote it for introspection and catharsis.  I didn't know how I would deal with the loss of such a dear friend, I figured that putting those questions down in to words and sharing them with all of you may help. 

                Well that time has come, and that blog post doesn't seem to have helped.  A couple weeks ago Levi was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer, and it appears to have moved to the lymph nodes near his heart.  The original tumor is in his throat (slightly smaller than a baseball), and has been causing him to have some trouble swallowing.  I wasn't able to get a true time table for how long he may yet have to live, but the time is coming. 

                As depressing as this news is to me, and as worried as I am about it, I’m doing my best to stay positive.  In an effort to keep my spirits up, along with Levi’s, I am setting up a Bucket List for him.  It’s going to include fancy dinners, at least one road trip, adventures, and anything else that I think he may enjoy.

                So far he has had one bucket list dinner; I made some Chicken Cordon Bleu for some friends and Levi got his own plate of it.  He has also gotten to participate in a movie night at a friend’s house.  I also plan to take him on a day trip to the coast, seeing as he loves car rides as well as water. 

                Other than that, I don’t have too much planned.  He deserves some more fancy dinners (perhaps some lobster…), and maybe desert (his own pint of Ben and Jerry’s?).  I had the idea of perhaps having an outdoor movie night this summer with some friends and their dogs with popcorn and traditional movie food for Levi (and everyone else).

                Still, if any of you can think of anything that would make a good Bucket List item for him, let me know!  Also, if you come over and you see him, or you see the two of us out and about, don’t be afraid to spoil the hell out of him; he’s been my best friend for 7 years and he deserves it.

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