Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!  It’s been months since I posted anything.  I realize that I’ve been slacking severely.   My B…  I’d love to say it won’t happen again, but who knows, it may.  For now though I’ll try to keep up on this blog because it entertains me and I know that it entertains some of you as well… 

So, now that that is out of the way, let’s get back to the topic of Halloween.  This is a night that we all have memories of.  Mostly I remember being a little kid and looking forward to Halloween night for an entire year.  It was the one night a year that I used to get to dress up in ridiculous costumes and then go out on the town and collect / enjoy chemicals that altered my state of mind (aka a Shitload* of chocolate).  It was always fun, and I spent time with my friends, laughing, acting silly, and generally having a great time. 

Now… now life is completely different, clearly.  After all, tonight I did not partake in any classic Halloween revelry; in fact it was basically nothing more than an average Wednesday night for me.  I went over to a friend’s house, ate some food, drank a bottle of wine, and spent a few hours with my friends watching television, drinking, eating, and generally having a great time.  Obviously completely different from when I was a kid going door to door, having a great time…

I suppose I’m writing this blog in this only slightly sarcastic tone, because I realized that while I still tend to have fun on Halloween night, there has been a certain loss of innocence to make note of.  I realized the difference when I was driving tonight.  While on my way to my usual Wednesday festivities, there were little kids (and mooching teenagers that did not deserve to be out with the little ones) all over the place. I was having to drive as slow as possible and the little kids in costumes were everywhere, reminding me of my childhood left and right.  Then a few short hours later I was driving home, and even those asshole teenagers were nowhere to be seen.  The streets were deserted and I was blasting a song, singing along to a deep voice singing “I’m gonna to pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket, I’m I’m huntin, lookin for a come-up, this is fucking awesome.” 

I suppose I was forced to think back to when I was that little kid running around in a tiger costume asking for candy, and whether back then I could have ever possibly guessed where I’d end up 20 years later.  I don’t think I would have seen it coming…  Which begs the question, what will I be doing exactly 20 years from now, and do I even bother trying to guess?

*I clearly ate enough chocolate to warrant the capital letter.