Starts and Stops

            Hi everyone, I’ve been away from here for a long while.  And I certainly am not going to pretend that I can promise you that I’ll be making any kind of a legitimate return to blogging.  However, I still enjoy doing this from time to time, so here’s my newest entry…

            I’ve had a rather introspective couple of days recently, realizing that I used to a very open person, never afraid to share my thoughts or emotions, and somewhere along the line, that aspect of my personality has pulled a 180.  I’m now a rather closed off person, I don’t show my emotions or share my past or anything else of the sort nearly as often as I used to (except with a very select few).  The one place that this isn’t true is in my writing.  Whether it’s writing for this blog, jotting down notes on a random piece of notebook paper in my room, or some of my stories that I write and then don’t share, writing is the only way that I open up.

            That being said, I haven’t been writing recently.  I haven’t written a full story in years, I haven’t done a blog entry in months, and the last time I sat down to write something in a notebook I ended up making a pre-draft ranking of Fantasy Football players.  I think it’s time to change this trend.

            I love to write, it’s my passion, and it’s quite literally my only legitimate means of self-expression.  Something has been stopping me from writing.  Whether it was just that I was miserable at work, or that I have been too absorbed in football, or something else, I don’t know exactly.  However, Macklemore says that alcohol (and other substances) killed his creativity, that he lost all motivation and simply stopped chasing his dreams.  I don’t want to do that, so if giving up those things helped him, I’ll give it a shot for a while and see if it helps me too. 

            Don’t panic, I’m not going to give up partying completely, not yet.  But I am going to cut back some.  I know there are plans for New Year’s and some plans around Christmas time, and I’ll partake in those.  But in between those times and afterward, I’m going to see what it’s like to not do that for a while.  I’m hoping that it will allow me to write more and regain my creativity.  It also will come with the added bonus of weight loss, I hope.

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