A Quick Update

                At the beginning of this year I didn’t exactly make a new year’s resolution.  Instead I promised myself that I would keep an open mind, and enjoy life as it happened to me.  I didn’t want to try to force my life in to a specific direction; instead I wanted to be sure that I kept it moving forward, no matter what that entailed.

                Now that we’re a few months into the year, I’m happy to report that this pseudo-resolution seems to be the most successful one I’ve ever made!  The last couple of months have been absolutely insane, but in a great way.

                I’ve begun the search for a new place to live, with the goal of being out of this house (which I’ve been in for the last seven years) by the beginning of June.  I’ve considered buying a house and have talked to a mortgage lender and a couple realtors in regards to that thought.  However, after looking at what I could be approved for and the housing market in Reno as it is now, I’m fairly certain I’m going to find a place to rent for another year, and reconsider buying next year.  Nonetheless, I’m excited about the prospect of a new place.  I’ve loved this house for the last seven years, but a change of scenery would be welcome.

                Secondly, I’ve been thinking of leaving my job for years now, wanting to find something new… That time has finally come around.  I gave my two weeks’ notice not too long ago, and will start my new job around the middle of this month. 

                It’s a great opportunity, and as scary as it is to leave a job where I had so much job security, it’s a prospect that I just can’t pass up.  There will be new networking opportunities, chances to grow professionally, and to really expand my horizons in order to find out more of what I’m capable of.  So although I’m nervous, it’s a very good and exciting kind of nervousness coursing through me at the moment.

                Finally, I’ve gone on a couple dates that I’ve really enjoyed.  At this point I’m going to be a little quiet on the subject... on the off chance that she reads this, I’ll be a tad embarrassed.  Still, I feel I should say something, because it's certainly worth mentioning...

This is the first time in years that someone has given me that old, schoolyard feeling of butterflies in my stomach.  Not to mention that I get a big, dumb grin plastered onto my face after every time I see her. 

On top of that, I so far seem to have avoided lodging my foot firmly in my mouth; and have somehow kept myself from revealing that I’m about as smooth as Michael J. Fox wearing a wing-suit in a hurricane.  No matter what happens from this point on, those things have all got to be good signs for my future. 


To summarize this quick update, my decision at the beginning of the year, to simply act on the opportunities that life presents me in 2016, has thus far been a wise one.  These past couple of months have certainly kept me on my toes, but they’ve been great.  So I’ll enjoy these changes as I look forward to the rest of the year.

I hope that some of you have been having a similar experience and that, no matter what, you’re keeping yourselves open to the chances that life presents you.  Not everything will turn out perfectly, but if you keep an open mind, you can see the good and the bad and make your decisions accordingly.

As a quick ending note, it may be due in large part to daylight savings time, or the nice weather (or possibly my Fitbit subtly blinking in order to encourage me to get up and do something), but I’ve been getting out and hiking more lately.  The weather is wonderful, and (assuming you’re in Reno as you read this) we live in a beautiful place for getting outside.  So go for a hike, a run, ride a bike, whatever suits you… and maybe we’ll see each other floating down the river soon. 

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