Story Idea: The Destination

For this blog I would like to run an idea by all of you.  And whether you respond or not, it helps me think to write down my ideas and share them with people.

This particular idea is for a short story.  Now, I’ve got a few short stories that I’ve already written that I’m constantly, very slowly, working on improving.  And I’ve got a few ideas for stories that I just haven’t written yet.  But this is the first decent (I think) idea for a story that I’ve had in quite a while.  And as usual, the inspiration for it came from music; particularly Todd Snider’s “West Nashville Grand ballroom Gown” and O.C.M.S’ “Wagon Wheel”. 

                Here’s just the basic outline for the story:

There’s two hitchhikers (I haven’t decided where) one’s a man, the other’s a woman. 
He’s a failed musician still in love with his ex and hoping that hitching to her will win her back. 
He’s naïve, idealistic, and stubbornly optimistic.  (Like a slightly less stupid Dylan from Modern Family)
She’s running away from home and her oppressive family.  Basically looking to get lost.
She’s not quick to trust and has an overinflated ego, thinking she’s much cleverer than she really is.
They happen to be traveling to the same place.
They run into each other hitching.  Competing for rides, etc.  She avoids him at first, but he tries to befriend her.
While trying to befriend her, he shows up in the nick of time to save her from a dangerous situation.  She doesn’t thank him, but instead just leaves, continuing to hitch.
Later on down the road, someone picks him up, and then steals his guitar and all his possessions.  He runs in to her soon after, and she had recognized his stuff and stolen in back, she returns it to him. 
They continue their journeys, and travel together some.  They even spend a couple nights in a couple motels.  But she doesn’t stay with him, she leaves one morning before he wakes up.
They run into each other a couple more times, and are cordial, they finally meet one last time just before they get to their destination. 
Meeting him gives her a chance to resolve some of her trust issues, and meeting her gives him a chance to get over some of his naïveté.  The story ends right after that final meeting.

The reader never sees the hitchers reach their destinations, and never knows whether they learned their respective lessons.

The intended moral for the reader is that the journey matters more than the destination, and that opportunities to learn and change will land in your lap, but that it’s up to you to notice and to do something with the opportunity. 

Possible title: The Destination

                Now, I only came up with this idea about three minutes before I sat down to write this and honestly added a bunch more to this idea as I was writing the blog.  Still, keep in mind that this is just the very first pre pre pre pre draft of the story.  Still, what do you all think?  Is it worth taking the time to write more?  Got a better suggestion for the title?  Got an idea for a location?  Let me know either in the comments on here or my facebook.  Or you can just tell me what you think the next time I see you.

                Also, in future blogs, would you like to see more bare bones story ideas like this, or perhaps I should just post one of my stories that I’ve been slowly working on?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I really like the concept a lot. I only ask you name the girl Shounifa. I think it'd be really cool if you set out a path that covers a lot of areas very different from each stopping point. I would just do it man. Have a story, write it up, and let us enjoy your creativity.

    Dibs on publishing this book and make hella hella rupees off it.

  2. Love Love Love! Maybe doing the scenery from salt lake to san fran? desert to trees would be a nice parallel for personal growth and understanding the lesson :) I can't wait to read more!